It gives hiring companies more confidence in your skills and thus, enhances your employment opportunities. AWS commands a lead with a 32% market share among the major cloud services today. Some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, and BBC, rely on it to fuel their top projects. Therefore, having an AWS certification on your resume can help you get a step closer to landing a dream job in the best of organizations. According to data from Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a cloud practitioner in the USA for 2023 is around $91,038 per year, with an average salary of $83,679 per year.

  • Also, check out the various AWS Certifications you can do to have a career in this field.
  • It is an entry-level certification intended to provide fundamental knowledge and a general overview of AWS and its infrastructure.
  • According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for an entry-level AWS cloud practitioner is $85,866 [1].
  • According to data from Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a cloud practitioner in the USA for 2023 is around $91,038 per year, with an average salary of $83,679 per year.
  • According to research, cloud skills are in high demand as more firms use cloud services, which identified cloud skills as one of the top trends in the current tech skills market.
  • Senior Professional AWS Cloud Architects create technical architectures and oversee implementation efforts to ensure that new technologies are successfully integrated into customer environments.

The market demand for AWS Cloud Practitioners is high and continues to grow rapidly. As more businesses and organizations move their operations to the cloud, there is a growing need for professionals who are skilled in managing and implementing cloud-based solutions using AWS. As per ZipRecruiter, AWS Developers in the United States earn an average annual salary of US$122,799. Depending on their experience, the salary of these developers may range from US$100,000 p.a. On a daily basis, an AWS Solutions Architect is responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining scalable, cost-effective AWS cloud infrastructures.

Google Gets Rid of Fees To Transfer Data Out of Cloud Platform

AWS allows the energy partner ecosystem to “cloudify” their organization to increase performance, accelerate innovation, maximize safety, reduce carbon footprint, and so on. Energy Manager starting salaries range from $94,608 to $128,030, with an average starting income of $111,946. As mentioned above, various factors decide the AWS cloud practitioner’s annual salary. Alec works as a senior content strategist at Skillsoft on the Technology and Developer team. He’s currently taking courses on Python and JavaScript, but hopes to learn Spanish too.

aws cloud practitioner certification salary

The field of cloud computing will continue to grow and even more different types of jobs will surface in the future. As per PayScale, AWS SysOps Admins employed in the United States are paid about US$994,560, p.a. In India, the average annual salary for AWS SysOps Admins is ₹994,560. As per the analysis, it is revealed that AWS covers one-third of the current cloud market share with 32.4 percent.

Salary of an AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary

Now that you know why an AWS cloud practitioner certificate could be your first step toward becoming one let’s look at what a cloud architect does. Even if you work in a technical profession that requires you to use other cloud platforms such as Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or IBM Watson, knowing AWS could help you further your career. AWS currently holds a 32% market share among the major cloud providers.

The starting compensation for an AWS manager in the government sector is $68,716. The path to becoming a certified AWS cloud practitioner may appear straightforward, but it calls for specific abilities and credentials that show prospective employers your true expertise. To become a certified AWS cloud practitioner, it would be best to take your time and complete the necessary training.

Skills Required to Become AWS Cloud Practitioner

It also demonstrates an understanding of AWS fundamentals, which is useful when hiring for cloud-related work. Tell us a bit about what you want to do and we’ll keep you posted on relevant roles and what we’re building at AWS. Career Employer is the ultimate aws certified cloud practitioner resource to help you get started working the job of your dreams. We cover topics from general career Information, career searching, exam preparation with free study materials, career interviewing and becoming successful in your career of choice.

AWS-certified cloud practitioner is designed for anybody with a basic understanding of the AWS platform. The junior architect’s salary is less than that of the Sr AWS cloud practitioner’s salary. However, taking the AWS Cloud Architect certification teaches you the fundamental skills needed to develop and dynamically scalable, highly available, and dependable applications on AWS. Even if you work in a technical profession that requires you to utilize other cloud platforms like Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or IBM Watson, understanding AWS might expand your employment opportunities. The data shows that on average these professionals make $128,467—ranking as one of the highest-paying certification categories in North America. AWS provides all the learning materials necessary to obtain the certification, and candidates can learn at their own pace, working around their professional schedules.

AWS Cloud Engineer Salary

To prepare for this exam, AWS offers a wide range of courses to choose from, and people willing to enroll in these courses can pursue them both online and offline. Cloud computing allows organizations to have part or all of their computing power kept in a remote location and accessed via the Internet instead of massive server rooms and bulky hardware. This computing process has become more popular as it saves space, offers off-site data backup, and is scalable to an organization’s needs.

  • Cloud Computing is providing a secure cloud platform that delivers computing services, such as storage, networking, databases, etc., and it maintains data servers and analytics over the cloud (the Internet).
  • Whether you have years of tech industry experience or not, this is your opportunity to jump into an exciting career working with our diverse, talented team on the world’s most comprehensive cloud offering.
  • As a result of this course, students will be able to make connections between the exam’s many subject categories, AWS Cloud Practitioner roles, and particular disciplines of study.
  • Below are US salaries for various roles held by AWS cloud practitioners by education level, according to Zippia.
  • When it comes to earning any certification, you can count on it taking time and resources (perhaps several cups of coffee), to acquire the knowledge or skill that will help you pass the exam.