AI in Marketing: Benefits, Use Cases, and Examples

ai in digital marketing

But don’t be alarmed; we’re here, ready to navigate you through the future of digital marketing with well-informed insights. Yes, the SAS suite of marketing and advanced analytics products work together to enable marketing to provide real-time, hyper-personalized, AI-driven decisions, offers and communications at scale. AI is used in many ways to support the email marketing efforts of an organisation.

ai in digital marketing

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing has hit the mainstream. You would be hard pressed to find companies—big and small—that don’t use top AI marketing tools to promote their brands or businesses. Using AI digital marketing strategies can transform the way you engage with your audience. It can help you drive relevant traffic, acquire new customers, increase sales, and retain your existing customers. AI digital marketing strategies can help you deliver improved customer experiences.

How can we use AI in digital marketing? / How can we use AI in marketing?

In the early days of AI, marketers and businesses were skeptical about the use of AI in their marketing strategies. Let’s take a closer look at the future of AI digital marketing – the challenges, solutions, benefits, and adoption of artificial intelligence. Certain metrics will be easy to track, but others — like improving the customer experience, increasing brand awareness, or improving reputation — will be much harder. That’s why it’s important to have the right measurement tools in place.

Leveraging the Power of AI in the Digital Marketing Sector – Express Computer

Leveraging the Power of AI in the Digital Marketing Sector.

Posted: Mon, 09 Oct 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

By offering a 7-day free trial, users can experience a new way of creating engaging and on-brand content with ease. With key features such as the ability to manage multiple accounts, collaborate with teams, and maintain a seamless workflow, Rapidely significantly enhances the social media management experience. The platform also offers a Monthly Calendar Generator, creating engaging and customized posts effortlessly. Additionally, the Carousel Maker allows users to create on-brand carousels quickly, aiming to improve social media engagement.

Stand-alone machine learning apps

Brands can reduce spend (and time) on digital advertising waste and spend their time on high value work. As well as better personalized content, AI also helps marketers optimize their email campaigns, allowing them to maximize their results. Marketers can use tools like Phrasee to dynamically analyze and optimize campaigns quickly, rather than having to A/B test different messages and designs, which can take a number of weeks.

Paul Roetzer, founder and CEO of the Marketing AI Institute and author of Marketing Artificial Intelligence, argues that the marketing world is on the brink of a seismic shift thanks to artificial intelligence. He posits that while AI may not lead to self-running, autonomous marketing systems, even a small application of AI can significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and performance. Learn why SAS is the world’s most trusted analytics platform, and why analysts, customers and industry experts love SAS. Many AI tools and techniques can be used for analysing content performance and providing insights on what is working well and what areas need improvement. Besides that, AI-powered CRM uses predictive analysis to draw deep insights related to customer behaviour and preferences based on their past interactions and other data. It can also be used for lead generation and increasing conversion rates.

Here is a video posted by Microsoft on YouTube about Starbucks and how they’re using AI for digital marketing. Next, I’ll share some of the best examples of the use of AI in digital marketing. With The Grid, the only thing that business owners have to work on is the website content. Everything from colors and content blocks to web pages is taken care of by their artificial intelligence designer, Molly.

AI in CMO Strategy: Transforming Marketing Leadership – CMSWire

AI in CMO Strategy: Transforming Marketing Leadership.

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FitBit. For instance, AI can help digital marketers forecast customer behavior, product demand, or potential website traffic fluctuations. Accurately predicting such factors enables better resource allocation and campaign planning. They leverage AI to provide real-time, personalized responses to enhance customer service.

The Economist’s targeted AI ad content delivery innovation

You can promote products that your customers may actually want to purchase. The data analytics and insight AI provides can be leveraged to produce better marketing assets and improve your campaigns in real time. Learn the latest and most relevant digital marketing skills with DMI’s Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

As the algorithms acquire more data, the system “learns,” trains itself, and improves as the data set grows. Leveraging AI in marketing and sales has become increasingly important in today’s fast-paced business environment. For example, AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of customer data and provide insights into buying patterns, helping companies to personalize their marketing campaigns and increase conversions. Similarly, AI can be employed to personalize email marketing campaigns, social media content, and website experiences.

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Developed in collaboration with OpenAI and Bain & Company, Coca-Cola has taken its AI-driven marketing efforts to the next level by immersing its international audience in the creative process. As a result of adopting an AI-powered approach to its social media marketing comms, Grab reduced its customer query backlog by 90% while reducing operational costs by 23%. In response to this, Sephora launched an interactive quiz to help guide its users through the shopping process, led by chatbots which offer tailored tips and suggestions based on specific answers or responses.

  • The technology that powers AI chatbots has become so sophisticated that some customers may not even realize when they’re chatting with a bot instead of a human.
  • It can predict customer spending patterns, perform market research, and assist customers in real-time when live agents are unavailable.
  • AI is also helping marketers personalize digital marketing efforts and drive better results by tailoring consumers’ experiences to match their needs and desires.
  • That is why, Artificial Intelligence was introduced into the field of Web-designing through AI-powered Website Builders, to help people who lack the needed skills.

This rising field can support the generation of new ideas by facilitating the technical process. With the help of AI, marketing teams can spare more time for human-based skills, which will accelerate the application process. But don’t forget that there are also ongoing debates about ethical concerns, and proposals such as watermarking AI-created content are emerging to enhance transparency. If you want to learn more about ethical concerns about the use of AI in digital marketing, Check out our blog post about the shift from classic digital to an AI-driven approach in agencies. It analyzes user information, such as age, gender, areas of interest, and location, and shows its ads to people or audiences to whom the business is relevant.

AI can deliver personalized web experiences

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ai in digital marketing